Thursday, March 29, 2007

early salutations

this morning outside
sips of my coffee
seconds of silence between the traffic
a momentary pause of pretty quiet
where the birds sing sweet
soak in the early pink
deep hues tempting my spiritual palate
shades of metal mimicking perfectly
dark grace of early outstreached branches

my coffee doesnt taste so great this morning
but it is secondary

i run in to steal a second
of the silence which temporarily reigns in this household

quick quick
while you can
a moment which should not be neglected
i should wear a recorder around my neck
to capture what i want not to be forgotten

i hear the alarm going off upstairs
time to start our regiment
of sporadic plight
to get the hellouta the door

Sunday, March 04, 2007

welcome intro

i have been making a few changes to my blog
work in progress
as always

i now have all my general musings here , just words of whatever,
excerpts from my "faymails" or if i am in a mood for a rant
it is headed under my name, crazicrizi

everything you read here, is rough an raw, full of spelling mistakes,
what is that grammarar thing again???
anywho, i like to call it, full of editing potential.

i have seperated my special outburst or bloems
(blurt/poem) which you can find here, at crizations

enjoy your read
feel free to email me at